Feed Your Creative Soul

Weekly Online Sketching Tutorials with Brenda Murray

For the price of a couple of cups of coffee, sketch along with Brenda once a week as she walks you through her process for creating beautiful sketches of cities, landscapes, figures, food, animals and all those things that you look at and think, I've gotta sketch that!

About Me

Hi, I'm Brenda Murray and my two favourite things are travelling and sketching. When I discovered Urban Sketchers (USk) about 10 years ago, I thought, I have found my people! How wonderful to find a huge community of people who shared my interest in drawing! I loved it so much I was the Communications Director on the board of USk for 4 years! Fast forward 10 years and I'm organizing vacation workshops in beautiful locations all over the world and teaching people how to sketch.

is about setting aside time every week to do what brings us joy. When I'm sketching, I am so focused on what I'm doing that all my troubles fall away. I'm not thinking about anything else except my drawing and my subject so much so that I don't even notice when people are standing right behind me looking over my shoulder! Sketching relaxes me and I feel content and, when I have completed a particularly challenging sketch, I feel a great sense of accomplishment! I am feeding my creative soul. I want you to feel that way too!


  • Do I have to be an advanced sketcher? Not at all. Beginners are welcome. If you are a beginner and you find the sketch is too fast you can pause the video or rewind and sketch at your own pace.
  • How long is each tutorial? Some tutorials will be quick 30 minute demos or sketches and others will be 1.5 hour full sketches. The overall length of each tutorial is posted.
  • How do I access my weekly tutorial? You will be alerted by email when the next tutorial is ready. We are aiming for a fresh new tutorial every Monday but you can sketch along at a time that is convenient for you. The tutorials are hosted on our online platform called RUZUKU at www.ruzuku.com. You will create a free account and all your tutorials will be there waiting for you.
  • What if I'm not available on Mondays? No problem. You can sketch-along-with-Brenda at any time after you receive the link. And you can rewatch the tutorial as often as you like. You will have full access to all the tutorials while you are subscribed.
  • What if I am going on a holiday and I miss my tutorial? Your tutorials will continue to be sent to you while you're away and will be waiting for you when you get home.
  • What art materials are required? The materials required for each tutorial are posted in the Intro of each tutorial.

Here's How it Works

After you subscribe a new demo or tutorial will be emailed to you once a week. That's 4 online tutorials for $10/month. You can sketch along with the tutorial as soon as you receive the link or watch (and rewatch it) at a time convenient for you. You will have full access to all the sketching tutorials as long as you are a subscriber.

What Can I Expect?

A Fresh New Tutorial Every Week

Once a week you will be invited to sketch along with Brenda in real time and the tutorial could be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours! You have control of the video and can pause if you like or rewind. Reference photos for you to download will be provided. 





A Variety of Sketching Subjects 

You can expect a variety of topics from sketching a scene in Venice, to a still life of your coffee and eggs, to a tutorial about curvilinear perspective, to font ideas to improve your notations, to colour mixing--and more!


Feedback on Your Sketches

If you have specific questions about your sketch, you will be able to upload your sketch to our online platform for feedback.


A Community of Like-Minded Sketchers

Meet your fellow participants online and know that you are not alone! We are all sketching together :)


How to Subscribe

Click the SUBSCRIBE TODAY button below. This is a $10 monthly subscription that gives you access to a weekly sketching tutorial that you can rewatch as often as you like. That's 4 great sketch-along-with-Brenda tutorials every month for the cost of a couple of cups of coffee! 

Within 24 hours of subscribing you will receive a link from our online platform called RUZUKU. There you will set up a free account and have access to your tutorials as long as you are subscribed. If you already have enrolled in a Studio 56 online workshop, you can sign in with the same email you use to view your other online workshops. Your Feed Your Creative Soul subscription and other workshops are all stored at the same account on Ruzuku.

Sketching should be fun! It should feed your creative soul! So buy me a coffee  and let's have fun sketching together!


Here's a little sketch I did just for fun. Note: this video has been speeded up but our tutorials will all be in real time.