What's New?

This month we are excited to announce a new series of 4 online workshops with Ian Fennelly--the Sketch Paris Workshop Tour . In these workshops Ian is using a limited palette of 4 colours and all feature English subtitles for the hearing impaired or for English as a second language speakers. Click HERE to learn more.

Coming in May a new online workshop with Stephanie Bower, Sketch Seville. And also coming in May a FREE Mountain Sketching DEMO with Vincent Desplanche.

And now that the world is well on its way to being a safer, vaccinated place, it's time to start planning for future vacation workshops. In the next month we hope to launch a new workshop to Mexico with Ian Fennelly in January 2022 and to Paris with Ian Fennelly June 2022. Click the links for more info and send me a note to let me know you'd like to be kept in the loop. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon  :)

Cheers, Brenda