You're Invited

This is your invitation to attend a live-streaming interview with Berlin urban sketcher and illustrator, Felix Scheinberger on Dare to Sketch People. The interview will start at 1:00EDT Monday Sep 28. Feel free to invite your USk chapter members and friends.


1) If you have not already installed the free Zoom app, go to to install the app. The meeting will start at the appointed time so please download the app BEFORE the start of the meeting

2) at the appointed time click the meeting link:

3) Your Audio and your Video and Chat will be disabled. However, we would really like to make this as interactive as possible so please send your questions via Facebook Messenger to Brenda will only be able to see messages from her FB friends so if you are not currently a FB friend, send a friend request. You may also send your questions in advance of the meeting.


1) the call is limited to the first 100 so arrive early so as not to be disappointed.

2) use the device with the largest screen (laptop is better than phone) so that you can see the artist's art

3) keep your webcam turned off because it will disrupt the interview and you will be removed from the meeting

4) select Speaker View so that the speaker fills the screen