A hub for everything urban sketching-related

Brenda Murray, owner of Studio 56 Boutique, a hub for everything urban sketching relatedWhere's the merch? is the question I had been thinking about for a while. Looking around the urban sketching universe it was very difficult to find urban sketching-related merchandise. So I thought, What if we put urban sketches on merchandise? What if we created a website where this merchandise could be easily found? What if the artists are credited and recognized for their great work?

At Studio 56 Boutique you will find carefully curated merchandise featuring designs by outstanding international urban sketchers and artists. I'm passionate about helping artists make a living from their art and so 50% of the proceeds from each sale goes back to the designing artist. 

Studio 56 added Artist Secret Weapons (art supplies), urban sketching-related books and recently we launched our Youtube channel where you will find interviews with Studio 56 artists, demos, tips & tricks, and more! 

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I hope that you will check back often to see what's new! We will be adding new product lines, demos, and interviews every week.



Brenda Murray