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Learn new skills, make new friends and become immersed in a local culture during a Studio 56 in-person Vacation Workshop. Our painting and drawing workshops are taught by talented English-speaking instructors in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Workshops are limited to 10-15 participants allowing for individual instruction from the teacher. For more information about an upcoming workshop, click the image below.





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Teach a Studio 56 Travel Workshop

Become a Studio 56 travel workshop teacher! Our instructors are experienced art teachers who love to teach art, meet new people, travel and have a large following of current and past students. For more information email

    Recommendations for Studio 56 Vacation Workshops


    "My husband and I had an incredible trip to Paris with Brenda and Ian Fennelly.  I traveled as a sketcher and my husband came along as a non-sketching participant.  We both had an amazing time!  It was one of the best trips we have ever been on.  Brenda arranged lots of excellent activities for my husband and the other non-sketchers to participate in while the rest of the group was sketching.  And each day there were activities (such as museum visits) for both sketchers & non-sketchers to do together.  As a beginning urban sketcher, it was a such a pleasure and a privilege to study with Ian Fennelly.  We look forward to traveling again with Studio 56 Boutique!”--Shari, Paris 2022
    "Thanks Brenda. That was a great week of sketching in Paris! Thanks so much for all the prep that went into it. Lovely group, a great teacher and some wonderful sketching locations - thanks again!"--Elspeth, Paris 2022
    "Brenda, I absolutely loved the course.  Thank you so much.  You are so thoughtful and smart and, boy! Can you draw!  You handled all the curve balls and you were unflappable!  I learned so much and made some new friends. I want to do another one!!  When I discovered Ian Fennelly’s work, I was blown away by its magical line.  I really wanted my line to do the same thing.  Watching him work over the course of the week was a revelation.  And if it wasn’t for Studio 56 and this ‘magnifique’ Workshop in Paris, my line would still be stumbling along.  Brenda Murray has done all of us lucky Studio 56 workshop participants a great service by arranging a course with such a gifted instructor!  Bravo Brenda and Bravo Ian!"--Esther, Paris 2022
    "Thank you so much for organising Paris '22! As a non-sketcher partner, I can thoroughly recommend taking part in a Studio 56 Workshop. The mix of group activities, socialising and free-time in Paris provided the perfect balance for me and Wendy to enjoy an 'away from it all' break where we both got to do what we wanted in a great city with great company. We enjoyed the experience so much, we're booked for another Studio 56 later this year. Looking forward to enjoying our next trip under your excellent guidance."--Steve, Paris 2022

    “Thank you Brenda for organising a wonderful workshop in Seville. Stephanie Bower’s teaching was inspirational. Her lessons were fun and clear and she distilled the complexities of drawing an arch so even this novice understood! We saw some magnificent sites, stayed in an amazing hotel with its myriad courtyards, patios and walkways and had plenty of time with our fellow participants to explore the city. We made new friends and hope to join you again one day soon!”—Susan, Seville 2022

    "We loved the Studio56 Boutique sketching workshop in Seville. A great group of people, excellent teaching, and an amazing location. I'd particularly like to thank you for your great work in organising everything. It was all beautifully planned, and you did a terrific job in dealing with the unpredictables that inevitably arise on any trip. It was all managed very smoothly, but I know that involves a lot of work behind the scenes, and we really appreciated that. We will certainly be looking out for future tours with Studio56 Boutique and will recommend you highly to our friends."--Josh, Seville 2022
    Brenda, what a great sketching holiday organised by you in partnership with our wonderful teacher Stephanie Bower. Sevilla and hotel were fantastic, together with a fun group of fellow sketchers. Highly recommended and for sure I will join again!--Yvonne, Seville 2022
    Thank you for this fantastic workshop in Seville and your perfect organisation. The week went so fast, the group was particularly good and of course, Stephanie taught us with generosity, authenticity and maestria. The skills we learned are very valuable. Seville is an enchanting place and we shared good food and a unique experience.--Zita, Seville 2022
    This workshop with Stephanie Bower was a wonderful, well organized event. The location was full of sketch-able locations and the weather was warm and excellent for evening get togethers. I learned so much from Stephanie who is a fantastic and  generous teacher. She even lent people pencils and triangles. Brenda handled a few last minute changes, people wandering off and getting lost and was able to make this a very memorable trip. The hotel, Casas de la Juderia was one of the best parts, being a very interesting conglomeration of 27 homes to form, courtyards, passage ways and a fantastic pool on the roof. There was nothing better than getting into that cool water after a day of sketching! Thanks Brenda and Stephanie for a fantastic sketching vacation!--Eileen, Seville 2022

    We want to tell you about the great experience that participating in the Hilltop Village of Provence workshop meant for us. Along with knowing magical places, and sharing with a group in which camaraderie and interest in drawing prevailed, it was a privilege to have a teacher like Ian, who with generosity and warmth passed on his passion for sketching, his knowledge and best tips. Certainly, it inspires us to observe the world around us with different eyes and to share new creative spaces. Your management as coordinator deserves a special mention, since everything was excellent, the beautiful villages, restaurants and sightseeings were very well chosen. And your enthusiasm and joy was essential for the cohesion of the group.--Sole & Cristián, Provence 2022

    This has been an awesome experience! Appreciate all your hard work and taking such good care of our husbands so we could paint!!--Linda, Provence 2022
    Wanted to follow up and commend you for putting together such a wonderful trip, both for the painting class participants and our spouses!  I can only imagine how much time and effort you put into making sure all of the logistics were in place for so many people, places, transportation, lodging, get-togethers, etc!  That is a huge undertaking that only those who've had to do such a thing can truly appreciate and you do it flawlessly! I hope that our paths can cross again on future adventures! --Lisa, Provence 2022
    A very productive and fun week in Provence! Thank you to all for making our week a huge success!👏--Marion, Provence 2022
    "‘Hilltop Villages’ tour with Ian Fennelly was fantastic!  The organization of the tour by Studio 56 was great. The accommodations, picturesque locations to visit and sketch, additional side tour activities (including some provided for non-participating partners) were all great. Thanks Brenda, for a fantastic trip!"--Peri, Provence 2022

    Brenda Murray and Studio 56 Boutique put together an excellent workshop. I recommend this company for anyone thinking of combining foreign travel with art instruction.--Alan, San Miguel de Allende Mexico 2022

    To read Alan's full review as it appeared in the NYC Urban Sketchers Newsletter, Volume 3, No. 5, March 1, 2022 click HERE.

    Brenda picked a great hotel and chose a wonderful restaurant for the farewell dinner. Somehow she managed to pick a most agreeable group of people to spend a week with. Ian Fennelly selected locations that perfectly suited his daily teaching objective. He was very helpful whenever any drawing problems were encountered.--Ken, San Miguel de Allende Mexico 2022

    This is the 2nd workshop I've attended with my husband thru Studio 56 Boutique, both times as a non-sketcher. Excellent, from beginning to end. Beautiful cities, great hotels and wonderful food. And even as a non-sketcher, I had opportunities to give it a go under the watchful eyes of both Ian Fennelly and Brenda Murray; both so kind and helpful. Sparked my interest for sure! Looking forward to our next trip in May!--Sandy, San Miguel de Allende Mexico 2022

    Just returned from a Studio 56 Boutique workshop in San Miguel de Allende…while it was very intense, it was a wonderful art-filled exploration of this lovely Mexican town with Ian Fennelly. I learned so much about the hows of urban sketching, the set up, the settings. It was really a wonderful learning experience and I came home with five lovely sketches to remember the trip by.--Charlotte, San Miguel de Allende Mexico 2022
    It was a blast - go do it! Studio 56 organized a wonderful week sketching with Ian Fennelly in the lovely colonial city of San Miguel de Allende. We enjoyed touring local galleries and toy museum, while also sketching local architecture. All in all, a wonderful experience!--Jean, San Miguel de Allende Mexico 2022
    I had so much fun and look forward to doing it again!--Scott P, San Antonio 2021
    "Thanks so much, Brenda! I have such wonderful memories of our time in San Antonio with Ian. Thank you for all you did to enrich our lives!"--Jill M, San Antonio 2021
    Just a quick note to tell you and Ian how much I enjoyed the SA workshop. Thank you for putting together good people, a wonderful venue, and fabulous teacher. Please tell Ian Thank you.--Suzanne M, San Antonio 2021
    Thank you once again for putting together an amazing workshop week.--Annette M, San Antonio 2021
    I felt fortunate to be part of Ian’s first week of learning and am still kind of amazed that it worked out the way it did to stay for a second week. The learning curve was constant and I feel very fortunate to have been there. I learned so much so very much... Ian's teaching style is superb and I would highly recommend him...Brenda I don’t know how you did it but you went far beyond the expected level of service many times in the two weeks we were there. It made our trip a super success. I am so pleased the way our holiday turned out. It was a pleasure meeting You and Ian and spending some  time together. So from the bottom of our hearts Thank You.--Rick D, San Antonio 2021
    I had the good fortune to attend the second week of Ian's San Antonio workshop. The workshop and the supporting activities were well organized and contributed to a very effective experience. Ian has an approach to his teaching that is very supportive no matter what your art experiences, making for a very nurturing environment.--Jim B, San Antonio 2021

    Can't think of any way to improve an excellent experience. --Louisa S, Yucatan 2020

    My first Studio 56 urban sketching vacation experience was positive. I thoroughly enjoyed the 5-day workshop in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. Santi Sallés was a fun, engaging teacher who was passionate about capturing everything he saw, did, and ate in "fresh" way that prioritized emotion over perfection. I got first hand experience with a good mix of techniques, guidance on an ideal travel palette, specific pointers and an approach to drawing nature. The small group allowed the teacher to dedicate a lot of individual attention to every sketcher and my fellow course mates were encouraging, helpful, and talented so I could also learn from observing their work and how they worked. The mix of travel days and sketching around town was a perfect ratio. Without reservation I would recommend a Studio 56 sketching vacation to any urban sketchers seeking adventure and learning opportunities, and I would definitely consider attending a future Studio 56 workshop vacation.--Steve M, Yucatan 2020

    I highly recommend a sketch holiday through Studio 56. From interesting places to sketch to passionate fellow participants; from generous instructors to small groups, it’s a trip filled with great memories! --Della S, New Orleans 2019

    To watch Della's full review video click HERE.

    It was a pleasure for me to sketch with you, Brenda. It was an unforgettable workshop! It is a pleasure to recommend Brenda Murray's workshop in New Orleans, which I was happy to do last November. The whole week period, from Monday to Sunday, was very well organized in every respect - accommodation, special activities with the group and local people, and obviously the thematic sketching workshops. In a word or two, everything run as planned and informed to all participants, and the results were well above my expectations. Ian Fennelly is an excellent artist and a lovely person, and each day he explored different steps involved in his tecniques such as composition, sense of space, light and shadow, color, texture etc. All this occurred in a very friendly and respectful climate, so that I left New Orleans with a great feeling that I did the right choice. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend Studio 56 Workshops to whoever wishes to put together a traveling, painting and making friends experience--Valeria S, New Orleans 2019
    Ian’s teaching style helped me look deeply into the story of the scene we were observing. As a beginner, I felt encouraged and helped with my painting and sketching. Loved the experience! Virginia P, New Orleans 2019
    Vienna is such a vibrant city with so much to see and experience! Meeting and having other artists to share in the excitement made it so rewarding. Visiting the galleries, markets, and highlighting these Viennese locations with precise organization allowed us to maximize all in a short period of time. Oliver’s knowledge and artistic talent was given freely with a kind, patient approach encouraging us all. I’m sure we all came away with renewed artistic inspiration, as well as new friendships and fond memories. -- Linda B, Vienna 2019
    Oliver Hoeller has a unique approach to teaching and drawing, his workshop in Vienna not only showed me many impressive and beautiful areas of city but also a great variety of strategies, techniques and approaches towards sketching. His teaching style is always hands on and incorporates individual tips and tricks as well. Also his good handouts are a valuable resource after the end of the workshop I can refer back to.--Carsten F, Vienna 2019
    I attended the Studio 56 urban sketching workshop in Vienna. Even though I am a beginner, I learned heaps and loved the experience. Oliver was a fabulous instructor. Keep up the good work.--Dr. Lorna E, Vienna 2019