Sketch a Vintage Truck with Paul Heaston

Welcome to Paul Heaston's Sketch a Vintage Truck! This online workshop was filmed in studio as Paul sketches the rust and dents and peeling patina of a beautiful old truck that he found near his home. Watch over Paul's shoulder in real time (1 hour 10 minutes) as he goes from blank page to completed sketch. Students can sketch along with the reference photo provided. 

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    Sketch a Vintage Truck Supply List 

    1. fountain pen with a fude (bent) nib. I like black carbon fountain pen ink

    2. fine liner pen. I like Micron .03 and .005 with archival ink. 

    3. water brush filled with diluted gray ink. I like Derwent #1 waterbrush and Noodler's Lexington gray ink.

    4. mixed media-friendly paper. Stillman & Birn beige toned paper

    5. a 2H and a 4H pencil

    6. white plastic eraser

    7. Molotow One4All acrylic paint marker


    Sketch a Vintage Truck Learning Objectives 

    1. To become familiar with fountain pen, white paint pen, ink wash and toned paper media

    2. Learn how to do a loose pencil pre-sketch to establish proportions and composition

    3. To practice drawing a foreshortened subject

    4. To practice applying value and texture on toned paper using both light and dark mark-making and layers of ink wash

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    "This was a good experience to be able to sit over an artist's shoulder and watch him sketch this truck from beginning to end. Along the way Paul gives good insight to what he is seeing and thinking. I learned some new techniques."--Jon Mueller Colorado Springs, CO