Pat Southern Pearce's Vacation Workshop Supply List

To download and print off this supply list below click HERE.


Any darkish-toned paper or card, in sketchbooks or loose. A4 or larger. I will demo on on A3 or 12 inch square mostly so that you can all see easily, what I’m drawing. You’ll need a resting board & clips. I love the Clairefontaine Paint On toned Sketchbooks in assorted and single colours, especially the A3 & 9x12 inches. Seawhite of Brighton’s kraft paper A3 & 12 inch square coil bound books are lovely quality paper too and sturdy. 


Any, but both broad and fine would be best: Fountain pen, Fude pen, a fineliner, pilot pen etc & black ink. I love my Duke Confucius Fude with De Atramentis black Document ink: lovely variety of very wide to fine line. 


White Mitsubishi Signo Uniball Broad. I usually carry at least 2, just in case, as I can’t bear to not have one that works!


Peter Pauper in a wallet of 8 from Amazon or Barnes & Noble in the children’s section. 


I prefer watercolour pencils to ordinary ones as they are creamier, more intensely coloured and cover better. Much less hard work, too: pressing on! An exception are Holbein Artists pencils. These have beautiful blues and turquoises, cover well and have a broader core. But raid your stocks and bring what you have! If buying more I’d suggest you choose individual colours rather than sets. (Caran D’Ache:Jackson’s Arts online) I used to buy the largest sets and not use half! I choose pale colours as a base, especially for skies: pale blues, turquoises, creams, greys, yellows, pale lime greens. Plus subtle greens, like forest green/grey green etc. (never bright lurid green: can wreck a sketch!). Also ochres, gold, bright red (Inktense poppy red is my all time favourite!), black, dark & mid bright blue, sky blue, yellow.

And bring a sharpener too, to keep them pointed! 


These are wonderful for adding zing and super for title lettering. And carrying a colour through from it. I mostly use bright traffic marker red and bright sky blue (Molotow One4 All 2mm) and a beautiful fresh turquoise Posca marker. 


A soft 6B and/or my recent favourite a Staedtler Mars 6B Lumograph: matte rather than shiny…and very black. 


A comfortable sketching stool, sunscreen, a sun hat.