Pat Southern Pearce's online workshop, Paper Bag Blossoms

During this 2.5-hour workshop Pat Southern Pearce will teach us how to create a gorgeous sketch of blossoms on a brown paper bag. Pat typically works on toned paper but in this workshop Pat will demonstrate the lovely results that can be accomplished working on a very ordinary paper grocery bag. Participants can sketch along with Pat using the reference photo provided.

UK-based urban sketcher and artist and the Queen of Watercolour Pencils,  Pat Southern Pearce  trained as a painter and had a long career teaching in schools and at University before she stepped back to work for herself. She is known for her love of watercolour pencil on toned grounds. Pat has taught workshops around the world and is a favourite at USK Symposiums. 

Click HERE to learn more about Pat Southern Pearce during this interview about Glorious Toned Paper and HERE during this brief introductory interview at the USk Symposium in Chicago in 2017.

Workshop Stages

This workshop is divided into several stages:

1 Welcome
2 Materials
3 Setting the Scene
4 Extending our Sketch Outward
5 Adding Darks to Create Depth + Drama
6 Adding a Soft Background
7 Developing the Pale Parts of the Picture
8 Adding a Glow to the Buds
9 Heightening the Glow + Energy
10 Making the Whites Pop
11 Polishing the Background
12 Redefining the Shapes
13 Contouring the Leaves
14 Adding a Touch of Gold

Reference Photo 

Click HERE to download the reference photo. 

Supply List 

In this workshop Pat uses a lot of different pens, markers and watercolour pencils.  But you don't need to use the same pens and markers she uses. A very similar sketch can be achieved using different materials. Click HERE to see the list of materials that she used.

24/7 Lifetime Access 

All participants  have lifetime access to the workshop material and can study the material when and as often as they like. 

How to Enroll 

To enroll in this online workshop for $39.99, click the ENROLL NOW button below. You will be taken to a check out page. 

This workshop is hosted on our online platform called Ruzuku. To access this workshop you will be sent a link in an email coming from Ruzuku inviting you to set up a free account. If you already have a Ruzuku account, please leave at checkout the email you usually use to access your Ruzuku workshops.


Recommendations from a previous Workshop

"That was so much fun!!!" --Linda


"FABULOUS!!!! Thank you Pat! Sue from Nova Scotia"--Sue


"I think I pulled out every single art supply I ever got. Great fun!"--Paola


"Wonderful session!!!! Thank you!"--Marcia


"Super workshop. Thank you so much!"--Anonymous Attendee


"So much information! I didn’t even try to sketch along!"--Jeanette


"Let's try every color with Pat!"--Sophia


"Thanks for this great input!"--Marion


"Fabulous, such fun!"--Anne


"Thank you Pat. Can’t wait for Symphony in Blue!"--Kathy


"Thank you so much, Brenda and Pat. Fabulous!"--Monica


"Thank you for this wonderful workshop!!"--Shari


"Thanks so much and see you (Brenda) in Seville!!--Eileen


"Thank you so much Pat & Brenda!"--Sophia


"Thanks Pat from Dorothy in Florida. Take care!"--Dorothy