Layers of Looking online workshop with Ian Fennelly



Filmed against the backdrop of New Orleans, urban sketching instructor and artist, Ian Fennelly, shares his 5-step process of looking and drawing beautiful sketches in this hour-long online workshop. At the end of each step students are encouraged to stop the video, do some homework and upload their sketches to a closed Facebook group where Ian will pop in occasionally to comment.

24/7 Lifetime Access

Participants will have lifetime access to the workshop material and can study the material when and as often as they like. This workshop is hosted on Ruzuku. After checkout you will receive an invitation to enroll in the course. If you already have a Ruzuku account, please leave at checkout the email you use to sign in to Ruzuku. 


Learning Objectives

  • To really look at a subject and take time to notice things.

  • To go on a journey of looking and take delight in discovering small details.

  • To use the process of brush pens, watercolour paint and fine liners to achieve this journey.

  • To learn how to place pens on the page in order to break up and focus on the big shapes.

  • To use brush pens to establish a simple structure and composition.

  • To use watercolour paint to help create both a descriptive and emotional response to the subject.

  • To use fine liners to help discover and record the detailed street furniture that populates the scene.

  • To understand how gaps allow the picture to breathe and focus attention on key areas.

    Supply List for this Course

    1. Spiral Bound A3 Sketchbook 140lb HP or loose paper

    2. Tombow Brush Pens – black and a range of greys, particularly the lighter greys – N15, N79, N89, N95

    3. Fine liner pens – from 0.1 – 0.8 Pilot, Staedtler, Faber Castell, Derwent – any of these brands are fine.

    4. Watercolour pan set– I use Winsor & Newton but any good brand will do

    5. Watercolour brushes – variety of sizes from flats to small round heads.

    An Online Community of Participants

    Participants in the workshop are invited to post their sketches in a private Facebook group where Ian will pop in occasionally to comment. Students will learn from each other, be able to ask questions, and there will be alerted about upcoming opportunities. 

    The Premium Package 

    Students interested in a more in-depth one-on-one experience may wish to sign up for the Premium Package. The Premium Package includes unlimited access to the online workshop + one hour of private tutoring with Ian via a live streaming online platform such as Facebook video, Skype or Zoom arranged at a mutually convenient time.  




    "Ian Fennelly's Layers of Looking Workshop is filled with clear instruction, good humor, camaraderie, and fun! Ian is an accomplished artist and an excellent teacher. Time is given for individual work through the five easy Layers of Looking. The result is a joyful new way of seeing and working."--Chris Uhlmann VanderHart


    "I was delighted to be able to take a class online with him. Ian's light-hearted, wonky, fun sketches capture street scenes with detail and unusual colors. His process of capturing a street scene was broken down into very specific manageable skills. I think my favorite part of this online class was that Ian's delight in being physically present and fun attitude about sketching manifests itself in his work. I can't wait to try these techniques over and over again."--Amy Bean


    "I recently took Ian Fennelly's online workshop called Layers of Looking. I have admired Ian’s work for a long time and so I jumped at the chance to take a class from him. He did not disappoint! There were so many techniques that I will incorporate into my other work and my confidence in urban sketching has vastly improved. I can’t wait to do another one. The techniques will also be helpful with my food sketches. Ian is great at commenting on posts in the fb group and answering questions. He is very inspiring and clear in his explanations. If he teaches another class you will be sure I will be there! Thank you Ian Fennelly!"--KJ Allison


    "I highly recommend Ian’s workshops. He’s a wonderful artist and if you love urban sketching you won’t find a better teacher. Plus you’ll see a huge improvement in your work."--Mary Riley


    "Layers of Looking is an amazing course and excellent value. Ian takes you step by step through a series of full length videos, showing his entire process of how to paint a fun urban sketch. You learn how to start with simple shapes and gradually build up to adding colour and detail. You also learn what to put in and more importantly what to leave out. It is delivered in a fun but detailed manner. There is also a Premium option which is excellent value and gives you the chance to video chat with Ian for an hour and ask questions, get tips and get feedback on your work. If you can't get to a workshop, this really is a great alternative. I really learnt so much from this course and cannot wait for the next one."--Patty Edge


    "I recently subscribed to Ian Fennelly's Studio 56 "Layers of Looking" online course and thoroughly enjoyed his 5-step process of Urban Sketching and Watercolors. I would wholeheartedly recommend the course to Urban Sketchers at any skill level. I hope to subscribe to future courses offered by Ian."--Donald Lambert


    "Having attended live workshops with Ian, I had no hesitation in signing up for this online video workshop. Ian is a remarkable artist and urban sketcher. His teaching style is enthusiastic and methodical, and he will leave you feeling inspired."--Jon Moss


    "I loved taking Ian's Layers of Looking course. It was just enough to understand his technique without getting into weeks of commitment. But because Ian is SO MUCH FUN to listen to and learn from, I did hate to have the course end. It's a fun, different way to approach sketching that opens up lots of possibilities and creativity. Highly recommend."--Jean Ann Woll


    "Ian Fennelly is excellent instructor who guides you through the stages of sketching a complicated scene. The transition between lessons is good. Each lesson builds to the final project, a charming building in New Orleans. If you enjoy working in a looser style and are not afraid to try different tools and techniques you will enjoy this workshop."--Carmel Campbell


    "I just wanted to publicly thank Ian for his kind teaching methods. I was blessed to experience an undivided hour of his time this morning, through the one-on-one critique. I came away with some great insights on how to improve my work, that will hopefully lift me up another rung on my art journey. I know this is not in reach for a lot of people right now, but I wanted to let people know. It was a great experience."--Monica Hoeffel Murphy


    "I had already seen Ian's videos on YouTube and was very impressed with the way he drew. Since English is not my mother tongue, I was afraid that I would not understand what he said. But it all worked out quite well. The way he approaches a drawing is so logical that I just do it now and it helps me a lot. A very clear recommendation from me."--Martin Pesch


    "I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for the course except that I knew I’d been following Ian’s work and love his style and was excited to learn what he could teach me. The course was split into 5 elements of looking, plus having a guide to the material was hugely helpful. It was easy to follow along and Ian explains his process and technique with such joy and enthusiasm you can imagine being there. Inspiring and would absolutely recommend."--Jane King


    "Ian’s way of interpreting the reality is very unique and exciting. The workshop focuses on different steps on how the picture is built up. You learn how to compose an image and provide harmony. Ian also brings other mediums to the traditional watercolor that makes it more fun to work with.."--Flower Sun