Layers of Looking, a new book by Ian Fennelly

Coming soon...

Ian Fennelly's new book Layers of Looking inspires readers to tell the story of their sketching adventures, the people they meet and the places they explore when they grab their art materials and head outdoors.

Through Ian's vibrant watercolour sketches and amusing anecdotes he shows how to 

  • choose a subject + find the story
  • capture the personality of the subject
  • enjoy well-being through art
  • overcome sketching obstacles
  • learn creativity through observation
  • express yourself with colour

Learn how to play with colour, loosen up, have fun, take line for a walk and get inspired by Ian's charming urban sketches.    


IAN FENNELLY studied Fine Art in London and became a Primary School Teacher. He now works as a Primary Art Consultant, training teachers in creativity. Ian teaches in-person workshops and online workshops and he exhibits and sells his work in galleries.

“The process begins with the eye, continues with the hand, and concludes with the heart. -- Ian Fennelly

Book specs: 8.5" x 11", full colour, 111 pages. Soft cover. Printed in the USA. 

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