Koosje Koene Vacation Workshop Supply List

Click HERE to download and print off this list.

The items on this art supply list are suggestions, and my favorites, they are not requirements.

Sketchbook, Hardbound

Sketchbook tips:
-If you have a favorite brand or type of sketchbook, that’s awesome. Bring it. I do recommend to
choose a size that isn’t smaller than A5. It will help you to work a little bolder and courageous, I
-When traveling, you'll often use your sketchbook on your lap. So I recommend to choose a
hardbound sketchbook. That way, your sketchbook lies flat on your lap.
-I never use ringbound sketchbooks, but some people love them, because they lie flatter than a
bound sketchbook. However, in the workshops, we are going to fill a lot of double pages (pages
facing each other), so then the ringbound would be in the way.
8.5 x 11" or A4: 210 x 300cm - Portrait format
8.3x5.8" or A5: 148 x 210 - Portrait format
PAPER QUALITY: 80-100 lbs.
A few brand suggestions: Stillman & Birn, Strathmore, Moleskine, Hahnemühle Nostalgie


Choose a pen that has water-resistant ink.
Choose a pen that can give you bold lines rather than thin strokes.

- Uniball Eye broad rollerball pen or
-Fountain Pen like a Lamy Safari with a medium or broad nib. I love using the Sailor pen with calligraphy nib for its very bold and unpredictable line. You will need a water resistant fountain pen
ink for these pens. Suggested brands: Platinum Carbon ink, Deatramentis Document ink
-Always in my kit: Pentel Pocket Brushpen. It comes with waterproof ink in cartridges, which is
great for combining with watercolors. Or
- Fineliner, uni pin 08

A watercolor set

Suggested Brands: Winsor & Newton, Van Gogh

A Water brush

Or if you prefer you can bring a watercolor brush and a water container
Suggestions for waterbrush: Pentel

Paper towel, napkins, tissues or a cloth

To wipe your (water)brush

Colored pencils

Just a basic set of primary and secundary colors. (my absolute favorite colored pencils are Caran d'Ache Luminance

A small light weight folding stool

Like THIS.

Glue stick

To make ephemera, business cards and other ephemera part of your travel sketchbook.


Crayons (I like using Caran d'Ache Neocolor I water resistant crayons, and often combine them
with my watercolors)
-Washi tape

Wait, what? No pencil?

Sure, you can use a pencil if you want. But leave your eraser at home. We are going to train
ourselves to be fearless in our sketchbooks! Mistakes? We will embrace them, rather than trying to
fix and erase. Trust me, you can do it!
Bring ANY art supplies you prefer, but make sure you can make a small kit so you don’t need to carry too much when we’re going on our walks.

Here are a few popular videos on my YouTube channel that can be fun to watch in preparation of our trip:
Limit your color
How to draw plants and trees
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How to start a drawing
Tips for travel journaling
Drawing people in perspective
Negative space
Continuous contour line
Drawing people on the move
Continuous line urban sketching
Drawing in public
How to bring depth and liveliness in your drawings

And of course, for more inspiration: read my book, Life Is Better When You Draw (It)

I am looking forward to our adventure together. If you have any specific questions you can email
me at klik@koosjekoene.nl