Hazel Soan's Happy Elephants online Workshop

Originally presented live, this 1 hour 45 minute online workshop Hazel Soan takes us with her to the Addo Elephant Park in South Africa where we will learn how to capture the wonderful shapes of adult and baby elephants. You will learn how to mix various shades of grey and how to capture these wonderful animals with watercolour. You will get an over-the-shoulder view of Hazel's painting and can paint along with Hazel using the reference photos provided. At the end of the workshop you will have completed 2 watercolour paintings. 

Hazel Soan

Hazel trained at the Camberwell College of Arts and the Leicester College of Art. Hazel is well known for her African Watercolours and her role as a judge for the DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition. She has exhibited worldwide and is remembered well as an Art expert on Channel 4’s popular daytime television programme Watercolour Challenge and for her two series’ of Splash of Colour, made by Anglia TV. Hazel is a bestselling author of numerous highly regarded art tutorial books. Hazel resides in London and is currently exhibiting at the M1 Fine Art Gallery in London. 


Workshop Stages 

This workshop will be divided into 2 exercises and you will learn:

Exercise One Mother and Calf: how to mix greys and capture the wonderful shapes of adult and baby elephants
Exercise Two Elephant trio and background: how to place and link the elephants with their setting

How to Enroll 

To participate in this online workshop for $39.99 click the ENROLL NOW button below where you will be taken to a check-out page. This 1 hour 45 minute workshop is hosted on our online platform called Ruzuku. To access this workshop, you will be invited to set up a free account at Ruzuku. If you already have an account at Ruzuku, please leave at checkout the email you use to sign in to your account.


Close Captioned

This workshop is close captioned for the hearing impaired and for English as a second language speakers.

24/7 Lifetime Access

Participants will have lifetime access to the workshop material and can study the material when and as often as they like. 


Supply List 

Hazel will be using 2 pieces of rough surface 100% cotton paper size 12x17 inches. Schmincke and Winsor&Newton watercolour colours used in this course: 
  • burnt sienna 
  • raw sienna
  • yellow ochre
  • permanent rose (Schmincke ruby red)
  • prussian blue
Hazel uses sable watercolour brushes in the following sizes: 
  • Size 8 round
  • Size 10 round
  • Size 6 rigger

You will need a pencil and eraser, paper towel, and 3 small pots of water.

Reference Photos 

We will be using the three reference photos for this workshop. The photos may be downloaded from the online platform.

Recommendations from previous Workshops

"Thank you, Brenda, and thank Hazel as well. I have read almost all of Hazel’s books and watched numerous of her videos but at each workshop of hers I learn more. Please keep them coming. I look forward to elephants and beyond." ----Ann


”Thank you again for yet another fun workshop. I love your enthusiasm for not only the animals, and the painting, but also for the materials you used!” ----Anne


”Thank you, Hazel for this wonderful workshop. I had so much fun trying to keep up with the ostriches! Thank you, Brenda, for hosting this event. I just heard ‘elephants’, can hardly wait! Hope to see you soon!”--Barbara


”thank you so much Brenda and Hazel!” ----Carolyn


”Loved this inspirational workshop!" ----Cath


”That was awesome!!” ----Catherine


”Thank you so much for a SUPER workshop….my first one and hope there will be many!" ----Christine


”So good thank you!”----Claire


”I’m just so excited to learn from Hazel because I just love her art!!!”----Clare


”Great work!” ----Daniel


”OMG this is so much fun!!!” ----Francine


”I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Hazel’s class last evening. I love her never ending energy and excitement for watercolour painting which is certainly reflected in her work.” ----Geri


”Thank you so much Hazel and Brenda. Another wonderful workshop and it was lovely to see the videos of the Kalahari too!” ----Gill


”Wonderful class! Thank you so very much!” ----Graciela


”Greetings from Victoria, B.C. and thank you so much. Learned a lot.” ----Jasmine


”Fabulous, thank you so much Hazel and Brenda!!!” ----Jessie


”Thank you so much 😊 This is taking me back to Africa!” ----Jo


”Good evening to you Brenda and Hazel. So excited to be watching this. Hazel is so inspiring! I’m totally enthralled watching Hazel paint so am going to paint from the recording when it comes. I just can't stop watching you Hazel. You're so inspiring and enthusiastic. Oh wow Hazel what a fantastic workshop again! Thank you so much!” ----Karen


”This is making me miss Africa so much!!! With all these workshops I've just watched very intently and then gone back to the recording for painting along - I find it easier and get the most from Hazel's wonderful teaching! Absolutely fantastic - thank you! "----Katherine


”Absolutely brilliant teaching - genious actually!” ----Lene--Denmark


”Merci beaucoup !!!” ----Lucie


”Many thanks!” ----Louise


”Thank you for a great demo!” ----Margaret


”I am ecstatic after the class!” ----Maria


”Thank you very much! Amazing, a gift for us all!” ----Maria


”I want to thank you for your wonderful class. I’ve been to Africa several times on Safari and have loads of photos.” ----Mary


”What a thrill to work with an artist of your stature. Even if mine looks like finger painting!!! ELEPHANTS!!!!!!" ----Mimi


”Wonderful workshop! Thank you for the clear presentation and great information. Love it!” ----Patricia


”Fabulous, thankyou!” ----Philip


”Thank you!!! Brenda & Hazel! “----Rebecca


”Hazel you have turned a three paintings in a year man to three in an evening … thank you for the liberation!” ----Richard


”I really enjoyed this and seeing you again Hazel. Great to see the Kalahari Desert again, Thanks from NZ.” ----Roger


”Brilliant - thank you!!!!!” ----Smrithi


”BRAVO!! Loved the additional instruction of how to paint trees! So grateful, Hazel! Thank you so much Brenda and Hazel! You are both contributing to our mental health during the pandemic!” ----Sonja


”Thank you so much for today! Thank you for the very helpful workshop I really loved it! One can never stop learning!” ----Sophie


”Thanks Hazel, lovely working with you as usual! Really enjoyed the workshop! I’ve been on several of Hazel’s workshops in London and I always enjoy her enthusiasm and her practical way of giving instructions. I think she is a born teacher!” ----Susan


”Thank you so much! Fabulous!!!!” ----Susan


"Great tutorial, thank you so much Hazel. Elephants would be perfect! Meanwhile, I need to keep working at my ostriches and gemsbok!! Greetings from Toronto to you and Brenda!” ----Suzanne


"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop with Hazel Soan on Saturday, she is so inspiring and her enthusiasm is contagious."--Karen


"I loved the workshop - so packed with information and fabulous painting!"--Vivian


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"I have been so inspired by such a nice and talented artist."--Anita


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"Thanks so much for putting this course together it was a lot of fun."--Laura


"Thank you so much for the fantastic workshop. I enjoyed every minute of it and have gained confidence to get back into painting watercolours after a long break.  Hazel, you are an incredible artist with such wonderful talent. I have just enrolled I’d the previous figure painting workshop you recorded in June. Looking forward to it very much. Thank you again for all the invaluable information you shared with the participants. I eagerly look forward to hearing about your next workshop."--Monika


"The webinar was fantastic. A lot to learn, a lot to see... Hazel is so clear, so generous and so enthusiastic that you get carried along...thank you very much and I will be waiting for the next one, the webinar about wild animals"--Maria Teresa


"Really enjoyed the workshop!"--Laurie


"Loved the workshop. Hazel is an incredible person and artist.(She was my first Art teacher and encouraged me To become An artist)."--Susan


"Thank you so much for bringing Hazel Soan again online via Studio56Boutique! This was my 3rd online workshop with both of you and it was simply outstanding despite some technical difficulties in the beginning. I am beginning to make exponential progress as I apply the principles that Hazel teaches. I appreciate her warmth and generosity and your tenaciousness to bring us another quality event.  Many, many, thanks!"--Sonja


"The workshop with Hazel was amazing! Thank you so much. I plan to keep adding workshops with your organization in this way even though it means a 3:30am wake up for me here in the islands! I hope to see more offered of Hazel, her teaching style is very good."--Sonja


"Oh my gracious I was in my element ! Loved every minute of the live zoom! When we were starting I was excited yet nervous in attending the zoom with Hazel as she is famous! Please tell her I loved every minute of it."--Carol


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Thank you for hosting that excellent demonstration by Hazel. It may have been the best Valentine’s gift I have ever received from my husband, lol! Heading up to paint now!"--Jan


"That was Awesome. Learned a lot."-- Irene


"That was amazing. I have tried but long way to go! Thank you."--Bala


"Thankyou! That was wonderful!"--Sys


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"I really enjoyed the workshop today.  It was excellent. The sound and visuals were great. The pace was great and she is an excellent teacher.  I learned quite a lot."--Aimee


"Thank you for yesterdays course, it was amazing."--Zsuzsanna


"Thank you for the session yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed it and to be with dear cheerful and always smiling Hazel was a joy...I understand every word you say about the absolute joy of painting and losing oneself in it. Thank you for sharing your this love with us all."--Lynne


"Thank you for an amazing workshop yesterday."--Dora


"Thank you for a wonderful painting experience with Hazel Soan yesterday.  Look forward to doing it again at a slower pace when we get the recording."--Cindy


"She really is exceptional... I have a number of her books now and love them. I feel I may have taken another step up the ladder after her course."-- Irene


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“Lots of really useful information, Hazel, thank you so much for a great workshop today!  And thank you to Brenda for putting this together. Best wishes from Toronto!”--Suzanne


“it was great fun attending it.”—Sonal


“Thank you Hazel this was wonderful! I look forward to Part II on Figures!”—Laura


“Thank you for a wonderful day. I travelled years ago to London to a Hazel workshop, this was even better! Thank you!”—Anne


“Thank you. That was wonderful. Glad we will have the video to rewatch!”—Susan


“Wonderful workshop Hazel! Enjoyed it very much and learnt a lot! Thank you for organizing it Brenda!”--Sandra


“Fantastic! thank you very much!”--Maria


“LOVED this workshop!”--Genie


“Excellent. Thank you very much, Hazel. I have long admired your work. Delighted to see and hear you in person.”--John


“Fantastic session. I find that I always learn an incredible amount from Hazel, whether in her books or this valuable online class. Thank you!!”—Jan


“Thank for the workshop. it was very inspiring.”--Agnieska


"Thank you very much for organising this workshop. I really enjoyed it and I think it has helped me to think about light and colour in all my work."--Sandra


"Thanks for the workshop, Painting Figures Quickly. It was easy to follow the instructions and I was inspired to learn more about warercolour. I admire Hazel Soan's way to paint and how she uses the colours."--Kristina


"I thoroughly enjoyed the course yesterday! Thank you so much for organizing it. I received so much inspiration, I enjoyed practicing alongside the video and I feel I have got a wonderful start to continuing my practice of painting figures quickly. I do not feel as inhibited about painting figures now and I shall enjoy trying it on live figures. The course was so well presented by both of you. 
I would love to join again and I am particularly interested in figures in a landscape, i.e. on a beach, as suggested by you. Thank you again and best wishes."


"Thank you Ms Soan for a very enjoyable and learning experience. I tried to keep up but we’re mesmerised by the expert way you handled everything! Looking forward to having the material of the workshop to practice some more!"-- Liezel


"I would like to say how much I enjoyed the workshop. I learned so much about painting figures and liked how the class was intertactive. Hazel is an excellent teacher and I look forward to more of her online workshops. It was well presented and a great success all round."--Yvette