Cornwall Coastline Workshop Tour with Ian Fennelly

Welcome to Ian Fennelly's Cornwall Coastline Workshop Tour! In this series of four online workshops Ian sketches scenes from the gorgeous Cornish coastline and shares his sketching process. Watch over Ian's shoulder in real time as he goes from blank page to completed sketch--from composing the sketch to creating a basic outline, then splashing in some background colour, then calming adding depth and tone with grey markers, then really going deeper with all the lovely details. Students can sketch along with the reference photos provided.

Enroll today to Sketch Mevagissey, Sketch Port Isaac, Sketch Polperro or Sketch Portloe for $39.99 each.

Or enroll in all 4 workshops at a discounted price of $139.99. 


The complete Cornwall Coastline Workshop Tour includes all 4 workshops: Sketch Mevagissey, Sketch Port Isaac, Sketch Polperro and Sketch Portloe at the discounted price of $139.99. Or workshops may be purchased individually.


For this workshop, Ian chose the charming seaside port called Mevagissey on the English Channel. This workshop is filmed in real time (1 hour 49 minutes) and students can sketch along with the reference photo provided or they can apply the techniques they learn in this workshop to a reference photo of their own. $39.99


Ian travels north to Port Isaac on the Atlantic coast to find inspiration for his next online workshop. The iTV series Doc Martin was filmed here and it is home to the sea shanty singing group, Fisherman's Friends. In this 1 hour 41 minute workshop students are encouraged to sketch and hatch and stipple and splash along with Ian as he creates a gorgeous sketch of this charming village. $39.99


In this workshop we're going to sketch the gorgeous little coastal town of Portloe, UK. Here Ian captures the spirit of the place--the salty seabreeze, the seagulls "pinching your chips", and the crab and lobster trawlers. In this 1 hour 48 minute workshop students are invited to sketch along with Ian or choose from one of the other 4 optional photos provided. $39.99


I'm really excited to sketch this location with you! Polperro is one of the oldest settlements in Cornwall going back to the 14th century, with an interesting history that has to do with smuggling! We're going to capture all the higgly piggly little cottages going up the hill and the shoreline.  $39.99


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Cornwall Coastline Workshop Learning Objectives

  • To really look at a subject and take time to notice things.

  • To go on a journey of looking and take delight in discovering small details.

  • To use the process of brush pens, watercolour paint and fine liners to achieve this journey.

  • To learn how to place pens on the page in order to break up and focus on the big shapes.

  • To use brush pens to establish a simple structure and composition.

  • To use watercolour paint to help create both a descriptive and emotional response to the subject.

  • To use fine liners to help discover and record the detailed street furniture that populates the scene.

  • To understand how gaps allow the picture to breathe and focus attention on key areas.

Cornwall Coastline Workshop Supply List 

  1. Spiral Bound A3 Sketchbook 140lb HP or loose paper. I prefer Fabriano brand. Click HERE for a link to order online.
  2. Tombow Brush Pens – black + a range of greys: N60, N65, N79, N95.
  3. Fine liner pens – from 0.1 – 0.8 Pilot, Staedtler, Faber Castell, Derwent – any of these brands are fine. I like Derwent .3 and .2 and 0.05 and .5. I also use Mitsubishi Uniballs .5, broad and micro that are watersoluble.
  4. Watercolour pan set– I use Winsor & Newton but any good brand will do.
  5. Watercolour brushes – variety of sizes flats (I call them pastry brushes) and  riggers.