Beginner's Perspective with Brenda Murray

Filmed against the backdrop of Paris, urban sketching instructor and artist, Brenda Murray, explains how to see and understand one-point, two-point and three-point perspective and then shares practical tips for how to apply the theory to your sketches in this half hour online workshop. At the end of each module students are encouraged to stop the video, do some homework and upload their sketches to a closed Facebook group.

24/7 Lifetime Access

Participants will have lifetime access to the workshop material and can study the material when and as often as they like. 

Learning Objectives

  • to see and identify one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective

  • to understand vanishing points and the horizon line

  • to accurately and consistently site out angles

  • to capture and replicate the exact angles on your sketch

  • to feel confident in your ability to draw using basic perspective


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Supply List for this Course

  1. A pencil. I like mechanical pencils because I don't like sharpening.

  2. An eraser. I like retractable erasers

  3. A water insoluble pen. I like Faber Castell or Derwent  .03

  4. a watercolour palette

  5. a sketchbook

  6. a small stool so you can sketch outdoors

An Online Community of Participants

Participants in the workshop are invited to post their sketches in a private Facebook group where Brenda will pop in occasionally to comment. Students will learn from each other, be able to ask questions, and there will be alerted about upcoming opportunities.