A Quick eGuide to Beginner's Perspective

A Quick eGuide to Beginner's Perspective by Brenda Murray is a 28-page flip-book that covers the basics of seeing and drawing using 1-point, 2-point and 3-point perspective for urban sketchers and artists.

This eGuide is a companion to the Beginner's Perspective online workshop but can also stand alone as an excellent resource that will help you learn the basics of seeing and drawing perspective. 

You will also learn

  • how to find the horizon line
  • how to spot the vanishing point
  • how to capture angles in your sketchbook accurately
  • how to find the vanishing point when sketching from a photo
  • how to capture the angles when the vanishing points are off the page
  • and more

Table of Contents

Click on the image below to see the Table of Contents. For best results, click the enlarge screen icon.    


This eGuide flipbook is free to all students of the Beginner's Perspective online workshop.

Or purchase the eGuide on it's own for only $9.99. Please note this is a digital eGuide and therefore there is no shipping.

24/7 Lifetime Access

The eGuide flipbook is not downloadable but you will have lifetime access to this eGuide and can study the material when and as often as you like. This flipbook is hosted on Ruzuku. After checkout you will receive an email from Ruzuku inviting you to "enroll in the course" (which is Ruzuku's way of inviting you to access the flipbook). If you already have a Ruzuku account, please leave at checkout the email you use to sign in to Ruzuku.