Transfer fee from San Antonio 2021 Workshop to Provence 2022 Workshop

Transfer fee from San Antonio 2021 Workshop to Provence 2022 Workshop

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April 18-22, 2022

This nonrefundable transfer fee represents one Workshop participant ticket for Ken Jacob and one nonWorkshop participant ticket for Mary Ellen Jacob transferred from the San Antonio 2021 workshop.

The Workshop Participant ticket includes 5 art classes, some meals, ground transportation, admission to attractions, several demonstrations and many opportunities to sketch.

The nonWorkshop Participant ticket includes the same attractions, transportation and meals as the Workshop Participant ticket with the exception of the art classes.

To view the full itinerary click HERE.

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By purchasing this ticket I accept that Studio 56 Boutique, Brenda Murray and Ian Fennelly are not responsible for, nor will I attempt to hold them liable for any injury, damage or loss I may suffer while participating in this Vacation Workshop. I agree that this disclaimer includes the entire traveling party. Studio 56 Boutique recommends that I purchase travel insurance to protect my investment and if I decline to purchase travel insurance, I will assume any financial loss associated with my travel.  If I am travelling out of my own country, Studio 56 Boutique also highly recommends that I purchase medical insurance and is not responsible to cover any medical assistance that I may require while attending this event. I understand that a full course of covid vaccine is mandatory.

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