Renata Lahalle in Cote D'Azure June 2021

Join us for an exciting in-person workshop with Renata Lahalle in Cote D'Azure in June 2021. Due to the pandemic, the exact date and location is still to be determined. (We will only make travel plans when it is safe to travel). However, we are hopeful that it will be safe to travel by June. Want to be alerted when we have more information? Send us a note with "Tell me more about Renata's Workshop" in the subject line to



  • Watercolors + Brush + Water
  • Water-resistant Pen, fine liner or fountain pen
  • Rollerball pens - 3 or 4 differents colors
  • Sketchbook: minimum 140g paper around A4 or bigger
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Something to sit on, umbrella, hat, comfortable clothes, … 



This workshop will be adapted to the place we will be going each day. 

Workshop #1

"Hunting lines and shapes" 

Workshop #2

"Small vs Big" 

Workshop #3

"Easy coloring"  

Workshop #4

"Happy darks" 

Workshop #5

"Telling a story through a beautiful page"   

Renata Lahalle Bio

Born from Swiss parents and raised in Latin America, Renata's life has always been a journey, but she only realized the true meaning of her existence after she was diagnosed with cancer, which was also part of this journey.

Since then, Renata draws every day and transmits her passion every week through her blog with free online workshops.

Even if her life is marked by professional and personal travels between Switzerland, Colombia, England, France and Spain (her current residence), Renata is firmly convinced that there is no need to roam the world in all directions to have stories to tell in a travel sketchbook.

For her, the journey awaits you around the corner. A simple walk in your neighbourhood can be as much a source of inspiration as a distant trip to Bali or Tierra del Fuego.