LIVE Online Figure Painting Workshop with Hazel Soan


Saturday February 27 at 9:00AM EST 

Join UK artist Hazel Soan as she guides students though her process for painting figures in watercolour in this 3-hour LIVE online workshop event. Students will get an over-the-shoulder view of Hazel's sketch and can paint along with Hazel using the reference photo provided.

Hazel Soan

Hazel trained at the Camberwell College of Arts and the Leicester College of Art. When London’s National Portrait Gallery acquired work by Hazel Soan, it was seen as an official endorsement of her skill and recognition of her life in art. She has exhibited worldwide and is well-known for her role as an Art Expert on Channel 4’s popular daytime television programme Watercolour Challenge and for her two series’ of Splash of Colour, made by Anglia TV. Hazel is a bestselling author of numerous highly regarded art tutorial books including Learn to Paint People Quickly. Hazel resides in London and is currently exhibiting at the M1 Fine Art Gallery in London.

Workshop Date and Time

This event will be held on Saturday February 27 at 9:00AM EST (4:00pm GMT+2; 2:00pm GMT; 6:00AM PST).

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Please note ticket sales for this event close February 25.

Workshop Stages 

The workshop will be divided into 6 stages:

  1. Sketching in Pencil
  2. Masking out the Highlights
  3. Blocking in the Background
  4. Indicating Architectural Features
  5. Painting the Figures
  6. Finishing Touches


At the end of each stage Hazel will pause to answer your questions LIVE and to allow participants time to catch up or take a short break. 

Includes 24/7 Lifetime Access to the Recorded Workshop

This LIVE workshop will be recorded and participants will be sent a link for free 24/7 lifetime access to the recorded workshop approximately a week after the LIVE event. 

How to Participate

This LIVE workshop event will be hosted on the Zoom webinar platform. A link to the workshop as well as the reference photo will be sent to participants after checkout. Participants will need a web browser and reliable internet access and should set aside approximately 3 hours for the workshop. Participants are advised to sign in to the Zoom call half an hour in advance and to have their sketching materials set up and ready to go prior to the start of the workshop. 

Supply List 

PAPER: 100% cotton paper, eg Saunders Waterford, Arches, Fabriano, Rough surface.140lb+ weight, painting size approx 12 x 16 inches

PENCIL: HB-2B pencils for sketching putty rubber, pencil sharpener/blade.

PAINT: Hazel uses an Enamel paintbox/palette with pans and the same colours in tubes for ready access to neat colour. Brand: Hazel uses Schmincke with a couple of Winsor & Newton colours. Since brands make Artist’s Quality colours with differing pigments I have added a Colour Index classification code after the main colours below so you can check for pigment similarity.

Main colours:
  • Ultramarine Finest (Blue PB29)
  • Yellow Raw Ochre (PY42/43)
  • Burnt Sienna (PR101),)
  • Indigo (PB15:1 PB66)
  • Additional Colours I may use
  • Cadmium Red (PR108) / English Venetian Red (PR 101)
  • Alizarin Crimson (PR83) / Violet (Dioxazine PV23 )
  • Indian Yellow (PY110/154 or PY153/PO62),
  • Titanium White

BRUSHES: Ideally sable or natural hair watercolour brushes, Round, sizes 10, 8, 6. (NB sizes are no longer standard) Flat brush (approx 1”) Rigger, optional
WATER: 3 water pots and towel/kitchen towel

Additional materials: Masking Fluid and applicator/old small brush
Natural sponge (optional)


Reference Photo 

Click on the reference photo below to download.


"The workshop with Hazel was amazing! Thank you so much. I plan to keep adding workshops with your organization in this way even though it means a 3:30am wake up for me here in the islands! I hope to see more offered of Hazel, her teaching style is very good."--Sonja 
"Oh my gracious I was in my element ! Loved every minute of the live zoom! When we were starting I was excited yet nervous in attending the zoom with Hazel as she is famous! Please tell her I loved every minute of it."--Carol
"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed participating in Hazel's Figure Painting Workshop this afternoon.  It was such an inspiration to watch Hazel at work and to paint alongside her...Hazel is far and away my favourite watercolour artist. I feel I learnt such a lot from the experience and I can't wait to watch the film when it's ready as there was so much to take in!  Hazel just fills me with enthusiasm to paint and she has the most incredible gift to explain both the science and the art of the painting process! Three and a half hours have never flown so quickly."--Ann
"Thank you for hosting that excellent demonstration by Hazel. It may have been the best Valentine’s gift I have ever received from my husband, lol! Heading up to paint now!"--Jan
"That was Awesome. Learned a lot."-- Irene
"That was amazing. I have tried but long way to go! Thank you."--Bala
"Thankyou! That was wonderful!"--Sys
"Thank you for organizing this event. It was incredible to be able to paint with Hazel! The event was professionally run - also a delight!"--Pamela Levac
"I really enjoyed the workshop today.  It was excellent. The sound and visuals were great. The pace was great and she is an excellent teacher.  I learned quite a lot."--Aimee
"Thank you for yesterdays course, it was amazing."--Zsuzsanna
" thank you for the session yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed it and to be with dear cheerful and always smiling Hazel was a joy...I understand every word you say about the absolute joy of painting and losing oneself in it. Thank you for sharing your this love with us all."--Lynne
"Thank you for an amazing workshop yesterday."--Dora
"Thank you for a wonderful painting experience with Hazel Soan yesterday.  Look forward to doing it again at a slower pace when we get the recording."--Cindy
"She really is exceptional... I have a number of her books now and love them. I feel I may have taken another step up the ladder after her course."-- Irene