Gord Jones' Suggested Materials List

Only SUGGESTED, please bring what you are comfortable with: 

  • Any brand watercolour palette, preferably with a large mixing area
  • Sketch pad
  • HB, 2 to 6B pencils, (optional: value markers)
  • Masking tape
  • synthetic cellulose sponge
  • Box of white facial tissues
  • Hair dryer
  • Paper - Any good quality watercolour paper (instructor prefers 140 lbs Arches rough)
  • Brushes – Rigger #3, #6 and 1” and ¾” Flat brushes &/or Mop brushes #6 or #8

      (any other brush you are comfortable with) 

  • Watercolour paints: (suggest artist quality) 

Ultramarine Blue                                           Winsor Blue or Thalo Blue

Aureolin (yellow)                                               Cerulean Blue

Lemon Yellow                                                Burnt Sienna

Cobalt Blue                                                          Hookers Green                                                                      

Yellow Ochre                                                      Alizarin Crimson

Cadmium Red Light                                         Neutral Tint 

These are the colours that are currently on my palette…. I may not use all of them. Colours are only SUGGESTED! Use what you have!

Titanium White – Gouache or Dr. Ph. Martin’s: Bleed Proof White

Misting Spray bottle

Mounting board (gatorboard works well) 

Please note: This list consists of my basic kit, sometimes I add, substitute or subtract from it. It is only intended as a guide, please use whatever you have or are comfortable with