The Fountain Pen Clinic with Eileen Goldenberg

Can't get the ink to flow in your fountain pen? Nervous about cleaning your fountain pen? In this half-hour clinic, fountain pen enthusiast, Eileen P Goldenberg will help you become more comfortable sketching with a fountain pen by showing you how to keep the ink flowing like a river.

Eileen is an award-winning artist, instructor and fountain pen expert. She creates artwork  in a variety of mediums, including ceramics, encaustic painting, and watercolor. For urban sketching she has designs and creates Fearless Felt Watercolor Sketchbooks. Eileen is an avid Urban Sketcher who loves using Fountain Pens. 

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Fountain Pen Clinic Content

During this fountain pen clinic you will learn about different types of fountain pens and brands and Eileen will explain why some fountain pen types are easier to work with than others.

You will learn the parts of a fountain pen, how to take it apart and which pens should not be taken apart.

She will discuss ink brands and types.

Eileen will teach you about filling systems used in fountain pens and will demonstrate how to refill a fountain pen.

You will learn how to clean a fountain pen properly and how to trouble shoot if the ink isn't flowing.

You will learn how fountain pens react to different paper types, which is best and which to avoid.

Finally, Eileen will share her tips & tricks for how to rig up your own specialty fountain pen.


Between each stage of the clinic, Eileen will take your questions so that your individual problems with your specific fountain pen are solved.


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