Urban sketcher Benedetta Dossi from Studio 56

Benedetta Dossi is a concept artist, travel addict and urban sketcher from Rome, Italy.

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Urban Sketcher Brenda Murray at Studio 56 Boutique

Brenda Murray is the owner of Studio 56. She is an artist, urban sketcher, and marketing consultant from Ontario, Canada. She is the founder of her local chapter, Urban Sketchers Waterloo Region, and she served on the board of Urban Sketchers as their Communications Director for 4 years, as Managing Editor of the USk zine Drawing Attention and she launched the USk Youtube channel.

Urban Sketcher Eduardo Bajzek at Studio 56 Boutique

Eduardo Bajzek is an urban sketcher, architectural illustrator, artist and Professor de Desenho from São Paulo, Brazil. 

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Ian Fennelly

Ian Fennelly has worked as a primary school teacher, then as an advisory teacher and now as a primary art consultant. Ian has been running monthly workshops and demonstrations for artist’s groups in the North West of England for over 15 years.

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Inma Serrano

Inma Serrano is a highschool art teacher and artist living in Sevilla, Spain.

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, James Richards

James Richards is a travel artist, author, urban designer and educator based in Siesta Key, Florida.

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Kiah Kiean Ch'ng

Kiah Kiean Ch'ng is a full-time artist from Penang, Malaysia.

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Maru Godas

LK Bing is an artist, urban sketcher and architect from Surabaya, Indonesia.

To learn more about LK Bing, follow him on Instagram @LKBing and Facebook: LK Bing

Lynne is an award-winning children’s book illustrator, based in Sheffield, UK. She is an Urban Sketchers Correspondent and founder of Urban Sketchers Yorkshire. Since 2016, she has worked as a freelance research-sketcher, with universities in England and Australia. Her book Sketching People was published in 2016. You can see Lynne’s sketching work at and her children’s books at
Majid Modir, is a visual artist and graphic designer who was born in Iran. He graduated with a Master's degree in Fine Art in graphic design & illustration (1994), and history of photography & video art (2012) at University of Art, Craft & Design Konstfack in Stockholm.  As creative director he ran his own design studio and taught motion graphics at The College of Art & Design Nyckelviksskolan in Stockholm. After living and working in Sweden for 30 years, he moved to Italy in 2016. He has recently started The Watercolor School IL PUNTO in Tuscany where he lives. 
Maru Godas

Maru Godas is a Barcelona-based artist, graphic designer and illustrator.

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Matthew Brehm

Matthew Brehm is a Professor of Architecture at the University of Idaho and an urban sketcher.

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Miguel Herranz

Miguel Herranz is a Spanish illustrator based in Barcelona. He is often a storyboard artist and sometimes an urban sketcher.

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Mike Daikubara

Mike Daikubara is an Industrial Designer/ Graphics designer from Charlotte, North Carolina. Mike started carrying a sketchbook in 2000 to be able to communicate better and faster at his design day job. Now he continues to sketch daily to see better, understand better and to enjoy!

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Oliver Hoeller

When Oliver Hoeller was 9 years-old he wanted to be a painter, a scientist and a pirate. Three decades later he holds a PhD and illustrates for scientists. Oliver is a keen on-location sketcher and a teacher who resides in San Francisco, California.

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Omar Jaramillo

Omar Jaramillo is an Ecuadorian artist and urban sketcher based in Berlin, Germany.

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Pat Southern-Pearce is a Blackburn UK-based, globe-trotting artist and educator. Trained as a painter and diverse in approach, her style shines through, be it in watercolour, on toned paper or digitally and she works with all ages from 4 through to adult.
Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Paul Heaston

Paul Heaston is an urban sketcher and full-time dad from Denver, Colorado. 

Read: How to Work Sketching into your Everyday Life: An Interview with Paul Heaston.

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Phil Maltz

Phil Maltz is a cameraman and video editor from near London, UK where he lives with his wife and two young boys. Phil enjoys spending his lunch breaks in a local art gallery (The Tate Britain). 

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Renalto Palmuti

Renato Palmuti is an Illustrator, fine artist and watercolor teacher in São Paulo Brazil. 

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Santi Sallés is a freelance illustrator, graphic and creative designer living in Barcelona. He has more than 20 years experience working for different advertising agencies and companies and has published in newspapers and magazines such as La Vanguardia, El País, GQ and Vanity Fair. Santi has 8 published books where drawing and illustration are the main medium. He is a member of Urban
Sketchers Barcelona and Catalonia.

Learn more about Santi by visiting his Instagram, Facebook and Flickr.

Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Simo Capecchi

Simo Capecchi is one of the founding members of Urban Sketchers. She is an illustrator and an instructor and she has a PhD in architectural drawing.

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Stephanie Bower

Stephanie Bower is a Seattle-based artist and architectural illustrator, teacher, author and avid travelling urban sketcher. 

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Urban Sketcher and Studio 56 artist, Umberto Torrecellli


Umberto Torricelli lives in Milan, Italy. He is an architect, illustrator, painter, and urban sketcher.

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Read "Painting and Drawing with Umberto Torricelli"