An Interview with Felix Scheinberger on Dare to Sketch People

Felix Scheinberger

Meet super-cool Berlin-based urban sketcher and illustrator, Felix Scheinberger and pick up some tips, tricks + inspiration from the 40+ examples of his people sketches in this Youtube interview.

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How to Make a Mini Booklet

A quick and easy video tutorial that will teach you how to make a mini booklet to show off your sketches #arthack. Free psd template in the video description.

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An Interview with Hazel Soan on Painting People + Wildlife

"Let your brush dance across the paper"--Hazel Soan.

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An Interview with Steven B. Reddy on Keeping an Illustrated Journal

Steven B. Reddy

"Draw everyday like nobody's watching"--Steven B. Reddy.

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An Interview with Virginia Hein on the Dance of Line + Color

Virginia Hein

"The magic happens when you really understand the personality of line and the personality of color and you let those two play complementary roles"--Virginia Hein.

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