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An Interview with Virginia Hein on the Dance of Line + Color

Virginia Hein

Seattle-based artist, instructor, and urban sketcher Virginia Hein talks about the Dance of Line + Color.

"The magic happens when you really understand the personality of line and the personality of color and you let those two play complementary roles"--Virginia Hein.

Get ready to be inspired by the lovely, Virginia Hein!

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An Interview with Richard Johnson on Field Work

Richard Johnson

Best viewed in 1080HD. Seattle-based urban sketcher Richard Johnson talks about the challenges and rewards working for the National Post, the Washington Post and the Detroit Free Press as an embedded news illustrator with the United States Marine Corp and the Canadian International Security Assistance Force.

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Stephanie Bower on My Sketching Journey + Demo

Stephanie Bower


Best viewed in 1080HD. In this live-streaming interview with Seattle-based urban sketcher, architectural illustrator and Urban Sketching Handbook author, Stephanie Bower shares her sketching journey and her beautiful watercolor sketches and demonstrates her approach to sketching. Get ready to learn and be inspired by this one hour interview.

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Róisín Curé on Soul Sketching

Róisín Curé

Best viewed in 1080 HD. "I have found sketching to be an incredible refuge for my is the place I go to find peace and my place in the world"--Róisín Curé, USk Galway Administrator and author of An Urban Sketching Handbook, Drawing Expressive People. 

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Emma FitzGerald on Getting an Art Book Published

Emma FitzGerald

Best viewed in 1080 HD. In this 54 minute live-streaming interview, Vancouver-based urban sketcher, author and illustrator Emma FitzGerald and Brenda Murray talk about getting an art book published via traditional publishers and by self-publishing. 

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