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An Interview with Vincent Desplanche on Sketching Mountains + Landscapes

Vincent Desplanche

Best viewed in 1080HD. Toulouse-based urban sketcher, book illustrator and mountaineer, Vincent Desplanche, shares his gorgeous mountain and landscape sketches of the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Dolomites. Learn his sketching secrets in this inspiring interview.  And coming soon...the online workshop!

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An Interview with Felix Scheinberger on Dare to Sketch People

Felix Scheinberger

Another great interview with Berlin-based illustrator and urban sketcher, Felix Scheinberger! What inhibits you from including people in your sketches? Learn some tips + tricks and absorb 40+ examples of Felix's super-cool people sketches!

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How to Make a Mini Booklet

Brenda Murray

Best viewed in 1080HD. In this video you will learn how to make a mini booklet that you can use like a business card. Free Photoshop (psd) template in the video description.

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An Interview with Hazel Soan on Painting People + Wildlife

Hazel Soan

Best viewed in 1080HD. Renowned UK author and watercolor + oil painter, Hazel Soan shares some tips about Painting People + Wildlife. Her enthusiasm is so infectious you will want to pull out your paints right away. Please SUBSCRIBE.

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An Interview with Steven B. Reddy on Keeping an Illustrated Journal

Steven B. Reddy

Best viewed in 1080 HD. Seattle-based Gage Academy instructor, artist, author, and urban sketcher, Steven B. Reddy talks about Keeping an Illustrated Journal and does a DEMO of his technique. Pull up a comfy chair and get ready to be inspired and learn new techniques.

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