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An Interview with Marek Badzynski on Fabulous Fude Pens

Marek Badzynski

In this interview, Toronto-based architect and urban sketcher Marek Badzynski talks about why he thinks Fude pens are fabulous and shows lots of examples of his gorgeous work.

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Upcoming: Sketch the St. Remy Asylum with Brenda Murray Aug 14, 2022

Brenda Murray

EVENT DATE Sunday August 14 at 1:00EDT. To get your ticket to this FREE + LIVE event click HERE.

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An Interview with Jörg Asselborn on his new book, Remains of the Journey

Jörg Asselborn

In this interview Jörg Asselborn talks about his new book, Remains of the Journey and shares many examples of the art that is published in the book.


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Learn to Paint Portraits Quickly an Interview with Hazel Soan

Hazel Soan

In this interview Hazel Soan talks about her new book and her upcoming online workshop, Painting Portraits in Watercolour.

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Glorious Toned Paper, an Interview with Pat Southern Pearce

Pat Southern Pearce

In this interview Pat Southern Pearce talks about her love of toned paper and the gorgeous contrasts and rich colours that can be achieved using watercolour pencils looking at lots of examples of her work. 

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